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Hold me please!
Barked: Wed Jan 28, '15 6:18am PST 
Good morning!
Tiki you made the 5900 post yesterday cheercheer that has to be some kind of record applauseapplauseapplause

We found out we are getting a new range too! mom is so excited. It sounds like where the land lord bought them, they would charge her a lot to install the microwave hood, so mom is going to ask Lee if he will do it. they are supposed to call mom when it's here and ready to be put in. I should post a picture of the old range - bet you all haven't seen one like this in forever BOL

that house sounds so pretty! But a yard is so important. Mom says if we have to move again, she is hoping for a smaller house with a big yard! Our yard is fine, but the house is way more than we need. It is nice to have though. It was kind of hard to find a place that would take four dogs and a kitty, so not a lot of choices!

Hey Pilar - how are you? still have snow?

Well off to nap!
You girls have a great day

I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Wed Jan 28, '15 6:37am PST 
Morning Katie and Pilar, wow 5900 ! Katie this is such a hard decision to make, but like you said we really don't need all that space, just mom fell in love with the kitchen and the double bathroom sinks. bol and the bigger living room and the den, or sewing room, slash craft room, we could go on, but again she loves her deck and big yard, and she heard that they may cut down that ole pine tree because it is sick. what to doshrugshrug Pilar hi and what's up, wish spring was here already, it would be closer to baseball you know how I love my baseball. but kind of mad cause Pablo Sanduval crycry. hos ix your mom's foot doing, hope all the swelling is gone. is it still snowing your way? am I nosey or what bol.laugh out loudlaugh out loud have a great day.

Hop N Go
Barked: Wed Jan 28, '15 7:01am PST 

Happy to hear from you. Mommy likes larger places and the double sink that is really nice, she wishes we had one.

Little bit of ground cover snow left. BUT snow is forecast for Saturday nite and Sunday. So it will be off to the grocery again Saturday morning.

Foot seems to be at a stand still, still a bit red but she thinks maybe 90% of the swelling is gone.

Daddy goes to the doctor this afternoon.

Sun is shining! Mommy opened the shutters and I am laying in the sun under a blanket.

Pilar, enjoying life this morning!

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