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Hold me please!
Barked: Tue Oct 21, '14 6:22am PST 
good morning!
you are early Pilar! sounds like you have a busy day. Mom would not let me help her take out the trash last night. Oh well, it was kinda stinky red face

Wow Tiki our Dogster is better too! I really hope that they have fixed stuff - I vote for trying to change the background. Fall leaves are pretty even if they hang around longer than intended laugh out loud What all did they say you should have in your emergency bag? We don't carry enough stuff I don't think. I know we don't have food in there. Silly mom!

I still have that cough. Really like the honey mom is giving me to make my throat feel better. The peppermint water - not so much red face But it does seem to help. Mom is thinking that Sparky picked up something when he stayed at the vet clinic and brought it home and shared it. What a bummer, eh? So far Molly isn't coughing, she had the stuffies in her nose. We are all a little clingy, but eating well and don't seem to feel bad other than the cough. So that's good.

The weather change is a bummer. We did have a really nice weekend and took full advantage of any sunny spots we found.

NCIS tonight! oh good! mom loves that show. Person of Interest she forgets to check On Demand for - she'll try to remember that one! We go to bed so early that we miss a lot of the good shows.

You both have a great day!

I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Tue Oct 21, '14 6:43am PST 
Morning Katie and Pilar, Katie it is our trash day too bol.. I just stand on the front porch when mom gets the brown can, why does she put it there knowing darn well those guys are going to take it when they see it in plain sight shrug I will post a list of the things they said to have for us doggies, but for us humans we need about a months supply of water, and food. alright I will change our wall. Pilar honey our ex. dad loves that show NCIS. Emily is not feeling so good she was fine last night we were all in bed watching sleepy hollow and then she started to cry, mom turned to see what was wrong her head was tiled and if you touch her by her ears she cried again, we been up most of the night right now she is sleeping. if this keeps up you know where we will be heading today. going to run now you ladies have a good day.
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