Duke did it again!

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Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 5:20pm PST 
Momma thinks I am part kitty ...
Because we have this Huge picture window and I like to stand on the back of the couch and stare down at the dogs walking passed our house.
Did I mention I'm 32" at the shoulder & 110lbs?
Yeah, I am. I could just as easily break the cheap-o couch we have laying on it, but there I am when Momma comes home standing on the back rest of the couch smiling and peering out.
Momma yelled at me to get off the couch, but I could tell she secretly found it hilarious. blue dog Momma doesn't have much of a poker face. BOL

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Tue Oct 13, '09 3:34pm PST 
Today Ruby & I were playing with the ball and I wanted it and she wouldn't give it to me...Typical play.
So, I got tired of that nonsence and I took my teeth and grabbed her back leg. I brought it way up in the air.
Nothing happened she just turned around and stared at me. I was hoping to pull one of those Charlie Chaplin moves on her and Trip her.
Oh, well, can't win them all.

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 9:52am PST 
I, Duke, have given in and am now entered into the 2009 World's Coolest Dog/Cat Contest. This is the 5th Annual Show.
COME VOTE FOR ME! I'm listed under these catagories:

Category: Water Dog
We love Fishing with the family!

Category: Ball or Frisbee Player
I'd rather catch Stuffies any day of the year.

Category: Best Friends
Me & My Gal-panion, Ruby

Category: Sleeper

Category: Jumper
Jump...Pffft...I hire dogs to jump for me--BOL

Category: Car Dog
I Wanna GO FAST!

Category: Naughtiest Dog
Yes this is real! Duke Boy likes to open the fridge while we are not looking and pull all the beer out of the fridge! I'm sure he'd have a party behind our backs if he'd only learn to twist open the beer and dial his pals phone numbers.

Category: Craziest Tail
What! I had an itch. How was I supposed to know Momma would take a picture at that exact instance?

Category: Smiles and Grins
I am always happy but have you ever seen three of the happiest dogs, with the best smiles, all posing together in one photo?

Category: Sports Fan
I'm a country dog. My favorite sport is the Tractor Pull! I support the Green & Yellow all the way!

Category: Purse Dog
Murse...Man Bag...Whatever you're callin' it I still ain't wearin' it.

More Soon to come!

Come enter/vote HERE! You win prizes just for voting so why not!!!


Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 2:40pm PST 
Yesterday, Pops came into the computer room to see me on top of the computer desk looking out the window 6 feet off the ground. The window looks out toward the backyard.

I thought maybe somebody would wanna come in that way and I'd be ready for them. shh

Well, Pops caught me on his computer desk with his precious keyboard and mouse hanging off the crowded and messy desk with the Dukester nestled close to the monitor pushing it ever closer to its destruction.

Pops took action.

He yelled at me and got me off of the desk and took me collar in fist to my crate. It was a sad night for the Dukester. I understand the meaning of Howl-o-ween now ‘cause I was a-barkin' and a wailin' to the sound fun above me.

Pops took me outta the crate at 8 or 9pm when Momma was already at work. I have been whining ever since. Nobody came to my house after I came outta the crate even though I didn't be bad no more that night.

Then this Afternoon, I got jealous of Saphira's decorating stories so I decided to try some myself.

Here is a picture of My Handy Work

What do you think? Not quite up to Saphira's technique but not bad for a first try.

::Takes Step back to admire handy work::

Not bad at all if I do say so myself.wink

Dad says I'm on a Roll. He must be proud!way to go
-The Dukester
Ruby Dust

Who says dogs- aren't people- too?
Barked: Wed Nov 4, '09 9:26am PST 
I took care of a trouble maker once! Here's the story:

I was at home alone while Mom was at work and Dad was out. I was taking a kitty nap on their big, warm bed as I do when I am left alone to make the time go by faster. All of a sudden I awaken to hear a jiggle of the door handle. I thought it was keys so I slowly stand up, streatch, get up slowly off Mom and Dad's bed, and walk down the hallway toward the door. When I get to the front room I see -Not Mom or Dad - but a Burglar! eek I don't like this one bit. I start barking and growling. The Burglar has Dad's Guitar Case in his hand. I jump up on him and he hits me in the leg with something hard - hard enough to break the skin. That hurt alot. The burglar ran for the open side door and escaped with Dad's Guitar.

I got a big cut on my front right leg and it was bleeding so I stay by the open door and guard it while I wait for Mom & Dad's return, Licking my leg the whole time.

I'm okay now. My leg healed but the experience made me a barkie little girl. I used to be very quite and never bark in the house or outside...unless someone came over then I'd have to tell them "You're welcome to stay if you remember who's boss!" in my Big Girl voice dog

Now I bark alot of the time. If I hear a noise, if I wanna come in and the parents aren't listening to my knocking (just a single bark-don't wanna get the neighbors mad), if I hear a car door slam, if I see people nearby, etc.

The same day as the burglar incedent Mom & Dad's friend named Ruger came over and they still weren't home. Ruger knocked and then called Momma on her cell at work and told her the side door was unlocked and open. This was strange to her because we NEVER use the side door. Momma said he could go in and see if everything was alright. When Ruger came in I was very growly at him. I knew him but I wasn't gonna let anyone else take Mom and Dad's stuff. Ruger didn't take anything and I didn't bite him or anything but I didn't like him in the house when they were not home!

It took Mom & Dad a few days to notice anything was missing because it was just the one thing but when they did they put all the clues together...my cut leg, open door, missing stuff, barking Ruby. They knew what happened! I would have told them the whole story but they are not fluent in Dog...unfortunately. shrug If they ever decide to learn German Shepherd I have a lot more stories I can tell them blue dog
-Ruby D.

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 2:02pm PST 
Momma left Ruby and me relaxin' in the car when a female Golden was let out into someone's yard. I couldn't let this pretty gal go one more minute without meetin' the Dukester.

Momma left the windows open a little more than a crack. I think I can make it. I start squeezin' my 110lb body out the little escorts window. But as you know when you try to squeeze a large thing outta smaller thing there are gonna be some casualties. BOL

I start pullin’ with my large paws from the front. Naturally I use the Right side Mirror for leverage. That works for a bit and then --SNAP-- Dang It! No more Mirror. I am still only half way out this here car window so I decide to kick off whatever is near my hind legs. First the chairs then the Rear view Mirror then I am three quarters the way out and my front half is inches from the ground. I brace my hind legs to kick off the right vanity mirror ripping the seam wide open and last but not least I kick off the rubber holding the door window in place and that falls into the car and .... Free at last.

I introduce myself to the Golden Retriever and then Momma comes out the door and there I am with my best and biggest Southern Charm Smile on. She asks, "How did you get your Jumbo size body out that window?"
She get's me back in the car and we start backing outta the driveway when Momma checks her mirrors starting with the right one. She pauses.
She looks for a few seconds too long as if to say, "Something’s missing here."
Then she looks out the front windshield and sees the broken Mirror on the driveway.
She drives back and picks it up.
Momma places it in the passenger’s seat.
Then she gets back in the car and starts driving home.
We got home and Momma surveyed the damage. BAD!
It's way worse than it sounds. Trust me I did it --BOL way to go
If you want you can read the whole account in my diary!

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Thu Dec 31, '09 11:30pm PST 
I have gone for two unauthorized walks this past month of December. The first one was after a bath and I didn't have my collar on. Momma was so scared she thought she would never get me back. But I have a very good Recall!
Momma called, "DUUUUUKE!" out the front door and by the time she had her coat on and shoes I was back at the front door.
Momma said close call, but I knew what I was doing. I think. Maybe not because a police officer was patroling right behind me and Momma was so happy I was home because with out my collar and tags I would have been brought to the pound. Momma was worried she would never see me again. She held me so tight.

The next time was a couple days ago. We had a huge rain storm then the rain froze. The back gate got so frozen that it wouldn't close properly then it opened on it's own. Momma let Ruby and me out to use the bathroom and I saw an opportunity to go exploring and I took it. Ruby told me not to go but I went anyway. Ruby must have learned from Lassie because she alerted Momma that I was gone by banging on the door and Barking alot more than usual. Ruby doesn't go running off because she did that once before with her friend Laces and they got lost. Someone picked them up and called Momma. She was lucky and learned her lesson.
Pops called for me out the door and went looking for me - he just got home from work so he still had on all his weather proof clothes. Momma had to put on her coat and shoes again. She grabbed her cell phone and headed out the door locking it behind her when she saw me running toward Pops.
Ruby was the Heroine that day for sure!

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 10:01am PST 
I have made it my personal duty to keep an eye on the new cat. kitty Somebody has to do it. I follow him around and sometimes I slobber on him or put my teeth around his body ...just to show him who's boss. He gets it really quick and rolls over in submission.
I also think kitty food is yummier than doggie food so I make it my personal business to finish off any food he doesn't eat in his alotted time.
Just doin' my part to save thinking
well just doin' my part wink
Sugar Lynx kissing Duke
Sugar Lynx seems to appreciate the gesture.
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