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Barked: Tue May 12, '09 6:35pm PST 
Hello! My mom is new to owning a big dog and would like to know what the best way to train me to behave myself is. Right now I am 13 weeks old and weigh in at 35 pounds...(my mom rescued me so I'm trying to catch up on my eating!) and she's afraid if I don't learn to behave myself now I will be too big of a hand full later! I just love her so much that I keep biting her when I want more attention (even if she's already scratching my belly with both hands!) and I guess my sharp little puppy teeth hurt her puny human skin. If anyone can help her it would be grrrreat! Thanks!

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Barked: Wed May 20, '09 3:52pm PST 
This is common to all pups, regardless of size.

When bitten, squeal in a loud and high pitched voice like you're actually hurt. Then ignore the puppy for a few minutes like your feelings are hurt. If you do this and you NEVER encourage them to play bite, you'll find that they stop biting very quickly.

I think it took Clancy about a week to stop biting me and maybe another month to figure out that biting my pant legs and sleeves was also a no-no.

If you need/want more techniques, try googling “bite inhibition”.