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Our Story

by Alex Spicer

It was the summer of 1990 when I first encountered a pit bull. What little knowledge I had came from photos and articles written about them in the newspaper. The articles were not very positive. In the articles gang members and people with questionable backgrounds owned pit bulls, and they trained them to attack people.

The guy that I was seeing had a pit bull but did not fit the description of a pit bull owner. One day he had to leave his dog Mugsy with me while he ran a quick errand. I knew he cared about me, but why was he leaving me alone with this pit bull? Mugsy was a handsome muscular dog, almost entirely black with big brown eyes. He caught a glimpse of me and walked into the kitchen where he casually sat on the floor. I sat close enough to him that we could see other. Then he stretched out his two front paws and he laid flat on the floor as if to tell me I’m okay with you are you okay with me? I inched my way over to him and touched his paws with my hand. He turned on his side so I rubbed his stomach and scratched behind his ears. He was so happy he started wagging his tail back and forth making a thumping noise as it hit the refrigerator. It was this first encounter with a pit bull that changed my misconceptions about this type of dog.

The guy who owned Mugsy, later became my husband, Gerard. Mugsy went with us everywhere. On our walks, people would often stop and ask what kind of dog he was and was he friendly? I would always reply back that he was a pit bull that loved people. Mugsy was a very athletic dog that accompanied us on numerous hikes in the mountains. He also enjoyed the good life by staying with us at the upscale St. Regis hotel in Aspen, Colorado. Mugsy was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. We then took him to the veterinarian school at Colorado State University to receive treatments. Unfortunately, after battling lymphatic cancer he passed away two years later. We were so devastated by his passing that we waited several years before looking for another four- legged companion.

It was a no-hands-down decision that our next dog would be a pit bull. In September 2004 we welcomed a new pit bull puppy into our family. He had a small tan patch over one eye, so we named him Petey, like the dog in The Little Rascals. Petey immediately became an integral part of our family. He even got along well with our cat Fritz. He quickly became popular with kids in our neighborhood and the people at the local dog park. Little did we know that a year and a half later Petey’s life with us would be jeopardized by breed specific legislation in our own community. To read more about Petey and his cause go to their website.

-Courtesy of For Petey's Sake.com: A Positive Pitbull Story

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