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April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed
Ruler: Venus
Symbol: Bull
Healing Combo: Libra and Sagittarius

Most compatible with: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

What a Taurus dog daydreams about: snuggling up with you on the couch, under a tree and snacking or chewing on a bone that never seems to end

Keywords: loyal, stubborn, protective, devoted, tenacious, lazy, steady, indulgent, a foodie, simple, strong, predictable, habitual

The Personality Snapshot:

Taurus lives for the good life.
Taurus is the supreme listener and will never get tired of listening to the same stories over and over again.
Taurus is the guru of patience.
Taurus knows that good food comes to those who wait.
Taurus will never let you down.
Taurus is the consummate couch potato.
Taurus cannot be bullied into changing his position on things.
Taurus loves steady routine.
Taurus knows there is nothing worth rushing for.
Taurus needs a slow tempo and a large dog bowl.


Meat and Taters Please:
The perpetually famished Taurus dog may rob you of your stash of Frito-Lay's but his undying devotion to you will also steal your heart away. His loyalty is unmatched: he'll see every obstacle through until the end, no matter how arduous the journey. You would never have to be concerned about the Taurus dog "cheating" on you — it's rare that a Taurus doggie would even take a second look at another potential owner unless, of course, that person happens to own a restaurant.

Super-size Me:
Taurus dogs live for large portions of food — both of the dog and people food varieties. Okay, so they're a little greedy and don't take kindly to sharing their food, but you'd better be prepared to share yours. (Cut them some slack, they have the biggest appetite of the zodiac!) They'll expect to eat whenever you do, so try to plan your meals accordingly to avoid the big bark of this eternally hungry little badger dog. Regularity with scheduling both feeding and walking is key in keeping the Taurus pooch a happy camper. It might be wise to trick your pup into thinking that he is eating more by cutting down portion size and feeding him/her little healthy treats throughout the day. The good news is that this dog possesses plenty of patience and accepts delayed gratification — he can be trained to wait patiently for their regular meal times. The downside is ... should you fall off schedule by even a few minutes the Taurus dog will let you know it in no uncertain terms. The Taurus pooch has no shame when it comes to barking loudly for on-demand feeding.

Couch Potato:
After a good hearty meal, it's siesta time for the Taurus doggie. This dog knows how to max and relax, and was sent to you by the stars to teach you the fine art of doing nothing. The Taurus dog hates to be rushed and even worse to be called the L-word, as in lazy. Lounging is an art form perfected by this Venus-ruled pup. He cannot be pushed into doing anything against his strong will, and should you decide to get all bossy on your little Taurus friend, watch him dig in their heels. He needs gentle coaxing to get from dog bed to food bowl to sidewalk, and get very attached to routine, preferring a steady, predictable day of indulgent rituals like mealtime, treat time, nap time and massage time. You can bet your bottom dollar, this dog will teach you some serious lessons in punctuality.

Take This Walk and Shove It:
While most dogs jump for joy when they hear the word WALK, don't expect your Taurus doggie to have any natural inclination to move from the comfy confines of his dog bed. Taurus dogs are more likely to feign sleep or pretend they don't feel well to avoid changing positions from lying down to standing on all fours. Walking is just another annoying chore to these leisurely pups: exerting themselves is not their idea of a good time. Taurus dogs prefer chewing on their favorite bone or snuggling with you. Exercise schmexercise, what are a few extra pounds? In fact, Taurus doggies look like they're supposed to be a little chubby even in the skinny-minniest of breeds. Watch their happy-dappy doggie spirit dwindle in seconds when you take away Taurus dogs' favorite things. They won't surrender their prized possessions or treats without putting up a major tug-of-war with you either. Taurus dog stars are perhaps the most fiercely stubborn and determined canines of the zodiac. No matter how many hours and dollars you pour into obedience training, these cuties may refuse to learn to respond to "let go." They get very attached to things, and will hold on for dear life. The good news is that they'll never tire of snuggling with you, even if they insist on hogging all the blankets.

If the Taurus dog could talk, he or she would say:

Life is meant for relaxation.
What's the big rush?
Can you please walk a little slower? I'm winded already.

What a Taurus dog wants in an owner:

Do you appreciate good food and just kicking back in your easy chair? If so, you're my kind of mommy or daddy! I can't deal with huffy, pushy humans who lack gentleness and patience. I also don't dig fakes or show-offs, so spare me if you're one of those wannabe poser types. I don't like fluff. I am the real McCoy and I want an owner who is as genuine and down to earth as I am. Y'know, a real meat and potatoes kind of man or woman to call my very own. Okay, so I'm a little possessive over my mommy or daddy. In my heart of hearts, I yearn for that special someone who will spoil me rotten. Oh, and of course it's important that you're the kind of someone who understands the importance of fluffy pillows, a big bone, lots of snacks and endless affection. Furthermore, I, Taurus doggie, expect loyalty because Lord knows I'm going to put every fiber of my canine being into our relationship "till death do us part." Please give me an owner who isn't fickle. I need someone who sees every obstacle through with patience and perseverance, who understands my distaste for change: and that includes changing my dog food, my bed, or my short (key word: short) little walks around the block. Sudden shifts in plans make me insecure and grouchy: I need stability, reliability, and an owner who's solid as a rock. Throwing off my rhythm is the worst thing you can do, so if you're one of those flaky, changeable types, please sign up for some time management course. Otherwise you'll make me so nervous I'll resort to oversleeping or binge eating just to deal with the lack of routine and the chaos. Maybe you should know that I simply do not thrive in mutable environments. Consistency is key. I need the kind of owner I can set my watch by. I need to know that you'll always come through, right on time like you said you would: a true-blue best friend, loyal and devoted to the core.

If you live near the woods, or live in a log cabin, even better. I love trees and nature. At least take me to the park or let me sniff around the flowers at a nearby garden if you don't have one of your own. Flowers make me almost as happy as food. I need fresh air and life at a slower pace than the average dog. I'm not really a city dog because I don't adapt well to all of the hustle and bustle and the lack of greenery. Movers and shakers, and surprises are so not my thing — save them for my Aquarian dog-star cousins. I prefer a rural setting, but if that's not possible, surround me with a tranquil environment and frequent trips to the country. It's important for me to stay grounded. I also prefer if you have a fat bank account because lack of funds does not bode well for my sense of security. If the stash of dog food starts to run low, I may panic so it's advisable to always have an extra supply on hand — it gives me a wonderful sense of that safety blanket I so crave. My deepest, darkest fear is to go hungry.

-Courtesy of Animal Planet.com
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