What Made You Smile Today? [Barking]

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Barked: Tue May 5, '09 12:11pm PST 
Being a puppy I love to have fun & like everyone else to have fun. smile

And in hard times like now everyone needs to smile. smile

So what made YOU smile today? smile

It can be anything. smile

puppy Doggie related or not.

big laugh Joke, story or real event.

cloud 9 Funny, sweet or cute.

Anything. smile

Gypsy x
Duchess ♥

Bow wow
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 12:56pm PST 
my mom gave me a chip yum yum yum and I can play outside

sun+chip=HAPPY Duches

Play! Run! Jump!- Herd! Chase!
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 1:04pm PST 
Well, I made Ma smile this morning cuz I got myself locked in the bathroom TWICE. She didn't want to smile though, cuz A. I am NOT supposed to be in the bathroom and B. It was at 5:15 AM and then again at about 6:30 AM. laugh out loud

Duchess ♥

Bow wow
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 1:28pm PST 
SHULA you are soo funny big laugh you just made my mama smile and you made me smile too

funny shula+happy me=smiles on my furry face
Checkers lost

Tail Wagaholic
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 1:58pm PST 
Smile big grin I made hu-mom smile when I was jumping on my neighbor and accedentally did a flip!!! big laugh Ma was cracking up and sooooo was Vegas!!!! hahahh!

But it wasn't today, though, you all no why

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Belly rubs are a- dog's heaven
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 2:14pm PST 
I got to meet six really tiny baby bunnys this morning. Boy are they scary! I don't know who was more scaried. Me or them.
Duchess ♥

Bow wow
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 2:16pm PST 
haha thats funny the bunnies were scary supprised you didn't herd them

Pip, Pip,- Horray!
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 3:04pm PST 
A beautiful BC/Collie mix, Teddy, is missing since last June. He was spotted several months ago on the mountain behind the SPCA he was adopted from. Yes, he made it through the harsh PA winter and looks remarkably well considering his time in the wilderness. Frightened and wary, he is getting closer to getting back to the shelter after all this time! A very dog-savy humanitarian (and dog rescuer) is hard at work to gain his trust and get him to safety. You may follow his "blog" at http://savingteddy.blogspot.com/
The good news is that he's alive and we are able to follow his movements almost daily - plus pictures! Keep your fingers (and paws) crossed until we get Teddy to the safety of the shelter and people who love him. He's a sweetheart and our hearts ache for him...
Duchess ♥

Bow wow
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 3:29pm PST 
OMD so lucky he is getting closser thank dog

What do you mean-
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 4:25pm PST 
First Gypsy made me smile for this fantastic thread idea. Then Shula made me smile. Shula always makes me smile big grin I smiled because of the happy new doggie books we got today and I smiled because I got to cuddle with my mom and she told me what a good girl I am and how cute I am and how I sit so pretty. AND I smile because Jake hasn't once today tried to take one of my toys away. big grin
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