Please help locate a stolen dog!


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Barked: Sun May 3, '09 4:06pm PST 
On Saturday (5/2/09) at approximately 2pm, Millie was stolen during a mobile adoption (Wonderdog Rescue) held at the Animal House (

Here are the details I got from Linda at Wonderdog Rescue:

MILLIE was in the pen with the kids, and an "older"
Latina asked if she could hold her. (mind you, 'older' to a kid could
be her 30's) She said that she lived in the Richmond and wanted a dog
for her daughter.

Other volunteers noticed her outside with the dog. This is not
unusual, because people often hold a dog or take the dog on a little
walk.... it gives them a chance to get to know the dog. But someone
suddenly told me that "millie is gone"... She said that she saw the
woman walking down the street, holding the dog, and she got into a
large white van. (not a mini van, probably something like a ford or

Millie is spayed and has her vaccinations.

Pictures of Millie:
h ttp://

If you think you spot Millie, please contact Linda at Wonderdog Rescue:
Or contact the local authorities.

Thanks for reading and please help spread the word.