Barney,- friend of- Lennox

Bad to the Bone
Barked: Sat May 2, '09 7:46pm PST 
Hi, I just joined the group today. I was rescued from an animal shelter in Southern California about a year ago by people in SoCal Dachshund rescue. They saw I was in this big pen with a bunch of big dogs that were kina running me over...and me being kinda short legged and long body, they thought maybe I could be part Dachsie, like maybe wire haired Dachsie...anyway, they very kindly rescued me...and not very long after that, Cindy and Ellie came to meet me and next thing you know I was in a car for a long car ride (Ellie said she does it all the time), and then i was at this new house...and wow, I had a real home! And a yard,
and walks every day...well, and going to the groomer too...but I got used to that. And I got to sleep on Cindy's bed even, and sit with her on the couch...I thought I had a whole new wonderful life given to me, I was so thankful.

And actually, I might not be Dachsie at all...everyone's saying now I'm "all terrier" and they're probably right...but it doesn't really matter to me now...but I will never forget those kind people from Dachsie rescue who were willing to help me even though they knew I was not purebred Dachsie. They truly truly rescued me.