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Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

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Barked: Fri Jun 26, '09 3:37pm PST 
Mom's favorite new author(new to Mom) is Jodi Picoult. Her books are about families and various crises within the family. She tells the story from the different characters points of view. Mom likes how she does really know why the characters do what they do.

You may know the movie "My Sister's Keeper" is based on her book. She has also written The Pact, about a teenage murder/suicide and Nineteen Minutes about a Columbine-style shooting. Mom is now reading Perfect Match about a child molestation. These are all loosely based on true events.

It's easy, engrossing reading with endings you don't see coming. Very good!!!
Josie, NPC

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Barked: Tue Jun 30, '09 4:31pm PST 
Martian the book & then see the moobiecloud 9
Alls about adoption of a very special little boy & is a true story!

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Barked: Sun Jul 12, '09 7:10pm PST 
Hello wave
Mom is currently reading Womenomics by Calire Shipman and Kaytty is non-fiction but a very empowering book for womenway to go
She is also reading Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad
It takes place in Southern California and is a true story, a memoir of surviaval
mom really likes it. (She has lived where this story takes place and can visualize it all)
Marley and Me is awesome, and mom has lived where that book takes place too.
Kinda neat, to be able to visualize and bring those places to the table while you read if you know what I meanbig grin


Brandi's Girl <3
Barked: Wed Jul 15, '09 9:48pm PST 
Yes i Agree Twilight series are very good books mom is reading those now
Marley and me mom started the beginning was good she will have to pick that one up again
Mom loved the Martain Child moive didn't know they had a book she will have to check that out too
and my sister's keeper looks like a good movie and she will also have to check out the book

Mom has heard that the book Dewey is a good book
she hasn't read it but wants to

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Yoda Chee

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Barked: Sat Aug 1, '09 12:16pm PST 
Leo, we like Harry Dresden, too! We especially like the audiobooks, because James Marsters (Spike!) reads them and he has Harry's character nailed!
Mama reads lots of books, some even have dogs in them! Dog On It has Chet & Bernie, detectives! And Chet the dog gets to tell the story!
Casey - Always &- Forever

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Barked: Wed Aug 12, '09 2:38pm PST 
Hi Yodawavewave Welcome to Reading Rocks!!!

Isn't Harry Dresden just great? I wish they had not cancelled the TV series! Bummer! But I will have to check out the Audio Books with Spike!! Did you just love Spike too in the "Angel" TV series???

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Barked: Wed Aug 12, '09 2:39pm PST 
Mom just finished one more of her favorite author.... James Patterson!!

Just finished "Cross" and now starting "Double Cross" tonight!!


Just love James Patterson!!!! Hope he nevers stops writing!!
Casey - Always &- Forever

Gimme Treats!- Play Ball! Love- Me!
Barked: Tue Jun 15, '10 3:00am PST 
Hey...We have another favorite series of books that Mom discovered thru a friend here on Dogster....

The series is called 'The Black Dagger Brotherhood' and the author is J.R. Ward.


Mom is on the 5th of 8 books in the series now...and wish they would never end.

happy dancehappy dancehappy dance
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