Any Ideas?


Mr. Jump on Me
Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 9:07pm PST 
So listen Dogster. My owner's sister is having her b-day on May 24. Now I know it's a little early, but I need reasons to give my parents so she can get her party!
She's turning 15, she's only had 2 party's for her b-day, and it needs to be super-duper fun! Please! It means a lot to my owner's sister and she's depending on me!wishespartypartywishespartypartyeek

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Barked: Tue May 19, '09 4:35am PST 
Well, it depends on her interests. My owner just had her sixteenth birthday party a couple of weeks ago. She went to the Gold Coast for the long weekend with 4 of her friends. On Saturday they left from our house, arrived at the unit, then went shopping till night time. That night they had a movie marathon. Sunday they went into Surfer's Paradise to go to Infinity, Dracula's Haunted House, get photos done at the Old Time Photo Parlour, then spend a few hours at the arcade. That night they had a board game tournament (Pictionary Mania, and Cranium), then plastered one girl's face with eye-shadow and face paint (she shouldn't have gone to bed early). Then on Monday (her actual birthday) they went to Movie World for the day, before dropping everyone home. Ofcourse that may not be what she wants, or what yous are willing to do (it can be a bit strenuous for the care giver/s). Here are some other ideas, you could do a theme party (if she'd like that), like my owner's friend did for her thirteen birthday, she had an 80's theme, or that same girl's 15th bday party, which was a masquerade ball. Some other ideas are what my owner did for her 13th bday, she invited her besties over and they got a cheap sheet, some cheap paint, water balloons, various brushes and props, and went at the sheet, then they slept over. Or, it might suit her more to just go to the movies and/or dinner/lunch with friends. Or she might rather do something like paint ball, or laser skirmish or something like that. Maybe check what's in the area, you could be surprised (we were). I'd love to keep helping you so if you don't like anything I've suggested so far perhaps tell me what she's like and what she likes to do, and I can give some better suggestions.big grin