Hello I'm new here. I wanted to share this Poem

Jake- (R.I.P.)

Lazy Dog with an- attitude
Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 7:17pm PST 
You made me what I am today, Courage at it's best.
You wanted me to know no fear, a cut above the rest.
Not only did I master that, I've thrown in Loyalty, too.
Look past my eyes into my soul, you know I'd die for you.
I'll watch your kids, I'll watch your house,
Your praise will be my crown, ask what you will,
I'll do my best, I'll even be your clown.
But some of you don't like me,
I'm sure I don't know why.
The only thing I'm guilty of is courage, love, and try.
But still they want to see me go,
They want my breed to end.
Will I see you sitting idly by?
You, whom I call a friend.
You made me what I am today,
You never saw me waiver.
I've done my best to keep you safe,
Won't you please return the favor?