hey there!

Monte'- Chiltepe

My Little Monkey- Face!
Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 9:43pm PST 
hey everyone...im monte', im a 6 months old brindle, and my human pet loves me to bits.....she even calls me monkey face....i dont know why...lol anyway, hope to hear from all my boxer pals here so well all can compare notes...you know...to do things we shouldnt, but still get away with it....WOOF WOOF!

Barked: Sat Apr 18, '09 9:36am PST 
Welcome Monte'! I'm Chaucer and I will be a year old in a couple weeks... my mommy doesn't get on here everyday but she tries to check in at least once a week, so let us know if you need anything...

I found my- voice! And it's- fun to talk!!
Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 11:34am PST 
Hey Monte! Welcome to GOSB!! My mom doesn't get many chances to check out dogster...but there's plenty going on. Have you found Boxer Town?