My Earth Day Contest!!

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Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 2:24pm PST 
Hey pups! wave I'm having my 2nd annual Earth Day photo contest, you can read all about it HERE

If you don't have Plus, post here, and I will post all about it right here in this forum. way to go

Barked: Fri Mar 27, '09 7:54am PST 
I missed the contest, rats!cry
Mom was all set to get some new pictures of me, what happened mom?
Anydog, I just strolled the Earthday09 pictures, great job everyone!


High five to P. Nutty for organizing the contest! way to go
Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Sun Mar 29, '09 5:37pm PST 
Bodie, you still have plenty of time to enter! It isn't over with until April 20th. wave


Barked: Sun Mar 29, '09 6:51pm PST 
YIPPIE! I'm all set now. cheer

It is always- fetch time!
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 12:17am PST 
I don't have plus, at least not yet. I'd love to see the contest!

And, I'm a little embarrassed to ask, but could somedog explain dogster plus to me and why they prefer it? Sorry... I don't know why I hadn't heard of it before now. So much dogster to explore, I just haven't done it all. Even after this long!
Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 1:07am PST 
Tinker, Plus is great because, not only do you get to upload 100 pictures in your photobook, but you also get additional "Plus" only forums to bark in! way to go You get a monthly allotment of 30 zealies as well. You get several bio fields to put lots of fun stuff on your page (I'm actually not sure how many you get being non-plus). thinking It is well worth it in my book! I love having Dogster Plus. cheer

Alright, here is everything you need to know about my Earth Day contest. Hope to see you enter a picture! wave

Welcome to my 2nd annual Earth Day Contest!

Entries are now being accepted! Winners to be announced on April 22nd.

Some info about the Earth Day contest:

*~Earth day is April 22, 2009~*

A little information about Earth day. It's a global holiday to celebrate the wonder of life on our planet. It's held each year to promote awareness of environmental issues. The first Earth Day was in 1970. Earth Day is a name used by two different observances held annually in the (northern) spring, both intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment.

Some ideas you can think of for your photo entry: recycling, global warming, pollution, cleaning up trash, etc, etc. Anything centered around bettering our earth will do!

Rules of the Earth day photo contest:

1. Real, photoshopped, or animated photos are all accepted.

2. Only ONE entry per pup - all pups in family can enter, though.

3. All entries must be tagged: Earthday09

4. All entries must be in by midnight April 20th. Judging will begin, and the winners will be announced on April 22nd, Earth Day!

Prizes are:

1st place -
60 zealies transferred to winner
A "Flecken Blankie" donated by Flecken - (donated by Flecken's Flea Market)
1 gift (worth 4 zealies)
1 animated picture

2nd place -
40 zealies transferred to winner
1 gift (worth 4 zealies)
1 animated picture

3rd place -
25 zealies transferred to winner
1 gift (worth 4 zealies)
1 animated picture

There will also be 3 honorable mentions - each will get one rosette.

*Tootsie, Bella, Cruiser have donated 10 zealies

*Avery, Teddy, Murphy, Koda, Samson & Buddy have donated 30 zealies

*Gizmo has donated 10 zealies

*Shandi has donated 1 gift (worth 4 zealies) to each winner

*Three Chicks and a baby are donating 20 zealies

*Flecken's Flea Market has donated a "Flecken Blankie"

So put on your thinking caps and have some fun! Looking forward to seeing the entries. wave
Sugar- 1997-2012

R.I.P. Beautiful- Angel
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 1:00am PST 
Bump wave
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Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 12:50am PST 
I'll be back XD
Casey - Always &- Forever

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Barked: Sat Apr 4, '09 7:56am PST 
Hi Everyonewave I am new to the group and Mom is going to try and do a photo for the contest.

Looks like a great contest for Earth Day and a fun group....snoopy
Minn's Mew- Crew

Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 5:29am PST 
Can cats participate in this contest??

We'd like to!
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