Mini Schnauzer Haircut


Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 5:42pm PST 
I have an 8mo. old mini and I cut him every 6-8 weeks on a regular basis..but I was wondering during the hot months is it possible that I can shave him completely and keep the beard? He gets his hair cut tomrrow morning...I notice that he gets hot more often then my sisters dog. I just didn't know if it is uncommon or against their breed? Please Help!!!!!!! puppy Thanks

Dog Park Police
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 6:26am PST 
I cut Pepper that way. A lot of Schnauzers get full body cuts (keeping the beard... and sometimes not even that) when it's too hot outside, or if they're rough and tuff farm dogs who get matted hair easily. Go to his page and you can see a slide show of him in his summer cut. Just because the breed standard recommends a certain cut doesn't mean he has to be cut that way unless he's a show dog. I take him to the dog park a lot, and there are plenty of other Schnauzer owners. None of them have even looked twice in a negative way, and some even prefer it. It's all up to you!