Some of my friends need help:


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Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 9:17pm PST 
Some of my friends need help:
A poodle mix named Curly works for a little boy, doing seizure detection. Curly
has out grown his vest and could greatly use a backpack. If you have a used
doggy back pack that you would like to give to Tony and his dog Curly, please
send me a message.

A GSD-mix helps Sue by pulling her wheelchair. Shadow pulls Sue chair up-hill
and in/out doors, picks up dropped items, gets stuff off shelves, aids Sue in
getting in and out of her chair and much more. If you have a pulling harness you
don't need and could help Sue send me a message.

A Lab-mix named Marie helps her owner, Patsy buy providing support. Patsy, is a
5'6" woman weighing about 115-125, she used Marie shoulders to lean on when her
knees act up. Pasty was housekeeper during a very rain/cold day she tossed the
trash in the dumpster when she slipped on some ice and became pinned between the
ramp and the dumpster braking her knee, hip and cracking 3 bones in her back.
Pasty woke up in the ER and was told by her family she would NEVER walk again.
It has now been many operations and 4 years, and she is now walking. She states
Marie is her inspiration. Pasty also told me on the days the pain is so
crippling she can't leave the house, Marie is there to lay next to her comfort
her and ease the depression pain brings. In addition to being a great friend
Marie helps Patsy get dressed/undressed, picks up items, brings Patsy meds,
pulls Patsy up from a seated position, aids Patsy when she is lowering herself.
If you have a support harness you are no longer using please send me a message.