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Keeva & Xena

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Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 6:31pm PST 
Hi folks: Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a Furminator as part of a kit on sale at Petsmart about three weeks ago. I must say -- love that Furminator! Keeva and Xena have a Heeler type coat and I was not sure they had enough of an 'undercoat' to justify the cost of one (see my previous posts here). But I brush them a little every day while we are on our walk, and cannot believe the amount of fur that comes off them! And every little bit that is at the park is NOT in my house!applause
Ursa Bella- Minima

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Barked: Tue Apr 28, '09 5:56pm PST 
Nice! Glad you like it. It really is crazy how much fur comes out!
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Barked: Tue May 12, '09 1:19pm PST 
The furminator has been a blessing for our Husky, she is a typical short hair husky but she still blows her coat 2 times a year, and this tool has really helped keep the shedding to very little. blue dog it also works well on our kitty too kitty