Miss Maya

The Snow- Princess of the- Beach.
Barked: Mon Mar 2, '09 12:58pm PST 
I know most of you all belong to the same groups but...

I am over a year old and barely weigh 33 pounds. Compared to other huskies I've seen at the dog park, I'm alot shorter and not nearly as fluffy as the others.

My owner shows some concern because I was so sick when I was brought home. Loose stool and vomitting. Just laying down and sleeping seemed to tare my stomach up. All the advice he got was it was the food change and it would pass, so he tried rice in my food and other methods.

I went to the vet, and vet thought my owner was just some over concerned young dog owner. He had no answers for it.

After two months with still loose stool and 3 a.m. squirting attacks, my owner decieded to change my food to a sensitive stomach brand. Which worked well. I quickly became house broken and solid stools now!

But he was wondering, did not having the proper puppy food stunt my growth? Am I really under sized?

I know he feels guilty about it, especially seeing how the sister and girlfriend call me a husky midget and strangers have asked if i was a mini breed. Like a mini poodle or something. Anyways, just curious to see if I'm normal or not.

Born to Run
Barked: Sat Mar 14, '09 10:44pm PST 
I had the same sensitive stomach problems when I was a younger pup. I'm still finnicky about eating, so I'm a little on the thin side even though my parents try to get me to eat as much as possible. I hope I grow up to be big and fluffy.

even though you might be small, still supercute cuz you're a husky!