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Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 9:59am PST 

Does anyone have input on the following:

1) Layla’s norm. weight is 40 lbs. she gained 13 lbs. in 6 weeks! (Pred.) when we discontinue it, how soon could we see weight loss? Will we have to work at it? (I know to take it slow.) She is just not comfortable at this weight, I can tell. That’s like us gaining 1/3 of our body weight in 6 wks. Can you imagine?!
I have her on weight control dog food, “Blue Seal”, mixed w/ her old good quality food, switching over gradually. Any suggestion on food welcomed!

2) I have been mixing local, organic beef liver (boiled & minced) in with her food a few times a week. Is this ok? What’s the deal on “Pancreatis” or whatever the spelling is???
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Lola-The- Junkyard Dog
Barked: Sat Mar 7, '09 7:16am PST 
Lots of dogs gain wt. when they are on pred. Low calorie snacks if you give snacks, are best. It is also easy to overfeed even though you don't want to since the begging and obsession with food gets to you. We had the opposite with Lola whenever she has been on pred. She does the melting trick. Everyday she loses more weight and it also is rather disturbing. If it comes off dogs who gain, like it comes back on Lola, then it will be quite fast. If she has gained because you are feeding too much then it will come off like any other weight loss. I have heard from some others that it takes some time for the weight to come off.

Don't give too much liver. While it is good for re-building blood, it isn't good in large amounts.

Pancreatits can be caused by different things. One is a high fat content in the diet or treats, or something they dragged out of the garbage. It can also be caused by stress, prednisone and probably other things I don't know about. Lola had it twice last fall when she was on prednisone and cyclosporine.

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wave Tika had IMT and was on high doses of Prednisone. She is off now and has been for 6 weeks. The weight loss is slow but steady. I gave her boiled chicken breast - no skin- no bones and cut it up into teeny pieces for treats. I also did the liver thing in the slow oven and gave it sparingly. She ate Go Natural Dog food and the vet said the higher quality food the better for her as she needed it to build platelets. She also ate scrambled eggs and occasionally some beef. We are always worried about relapses and watch her for symptoms constantly. Good Luck with your pup!