Emma's Dogvice & Rachael Ray FOOD RAISER Challenge!!

Emma: Cleft- Palate- SURVIVOR!!

Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 9:44am PST 
Hi everyfur!

Hope it's alright that I post this here...

Just wanted to share with you a link to a page that Mama made to help with the Dogvice & Rachael Ray FOOD Raiser Campaign!

My Celebrity Spokesdog week doesn't start till later in March, but Mama wanted to get a head start!

We've promised to personally do 300 cards of our own - and then we had an anonymous donor get in touch with Mom to say that he would like to donate 1.00 to our foundation - for every single Dogvice card that we are able to collect!! How cool is that??

So now, not only can folks help feed shelter dogs - AND become eligible for great Dogvice prizes - but they can now help our organization, Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation as well!! FUN!!

So we're kickin' off our challenge today.... here's the link.

(hope Nikki won't mind that we used text and images from the Dogvice page!) red face

http://theemmafoundation.org/rachael_ray's_nutrish_food_raise r.htm

Emma's Food Raiser Challenge!