Montana banning wolf dogs - get yours tattooed NOW

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Guys/girls/humans/aliens, pay attention to REXANO legislative pages, we keep track

Hi all...this is an email I got today from a rescue friend in MT about the wd ban in MT....this same thing is going on in WA....this bodes ill for the west and for rescue of woofers....we are running out of places where they can be placed....many blessings...Kim

I was taken aback on Sat when I realized one of the bills in our
current legislative session is SB344-short title-bill to ban wolf dogs in MT.
Since Bill and I have 2 wolf dogs whom I'll not give up I had to look into
it and thought I'd relay what I found out. I've known for a year or so that any wolf dog that's at least half
wolf is considered a legal wolf and is to be registered with FWP and tattooed
with a number supplied by them. I had talked to my vet about tattooing but he
said not to worry about it and that's pretty much what I did but always
kept it in my mind. I called Jim Williams, who is the Region 1 Wildlife
Supervisor (because I know him and figured he'd know who to direct me to)
stationed in Kalispell. He listened to me and said he thought it's get killed in
committee but gave me the name and number of the guy in Helena who's
job it is to take care of all these types of critters. Frankly, I could see
no reason why this would not pass since it amends an earlier law and
there have been wolf dog problems on the eastside. So I called this Tim Feldner
and he was very aware of this bill, that it was up for it's second reading
that afternoon and that, as I suspected, the livestock people are the power
behind it. He sent me the info in the mail (not here yet!) to get the
process started for my dogs and mentioned that there is a woman in the
Libby area (he pulled out her registration-with 2 wolf dogs that she's got registered but has been having
problems finding a vet who will tattoo her wolves. They have to be
tranquilized and taken to Kalispell (I knew Doug wouldn't do it in Libby)
tattooed and then someone from FWP has to see the tattoo on the animal
to sign off on the paperwork. The administrative rule about the 50% is no
longer valid-it's now ANY wolf dog or any dog said by a breeder or
owner to be part wolf. There can be no transfer of ownership, no new individuals
acquired or moved into MT. He was very nice, very clear and it seems all the
bases are covered. The whole intent is to have no wolf dogs in the state
except for the ones already owned assuming the owners are willing to do the
registration requirement. Once they die or move out of state, there will be
no wolf dogs here. Registration is only $10 per animal and each animal has
to be photographed. I called a vet in Bonner's Ferry and the dogs
have to be put under so that's $60 each right there and probably $35-$45 for the
tattooing, each. Once the bill is passed, there should be 6 months for you
to get all this done. Any wolfdog found not registered will be
confiscated and the owner charged with, I think, a misdemeanor and fined.
A couple hours later, it occurred to me that Animal Control would be
facing some unknowns here so I called him back. At first he didn't get what I
was after but finally he did. I wanted to know what obligations AC has to
the State in this and what options it has for the dogs, especially since
some 'wolf dogs' who get turned in are stated as wolf dogs but aren't. And
what about the strays? He jumped to Dave Pauli of the HSUS at this and
told me about a wolf dog found in Bozeman and none of the shelters wanted it.
They contacted Dave. Someone contacted Tim about it and he told them where
to find the tattoo (inner LEFT thigh). He was then able to find the owner
and the guy got his dog back. Dave wasn't happy that no one wanted to take
him in and supposedly, he went to a meeting of a bunch of shelters/humane
societies in Missoula right after that and he talked of them being
PETS and they need to take these guys in. I don't know if that's how it's really
handled, though. They can be adopted out but not to anyone in the
state of MT. I specifically asked about transporting to ID to rescue and he
said that's fine-but no one in MT can get a wolfdog after the bill is
signed into law. Obviously, no breeding is allowed, either. That's it in a
nutshell-go check out SB344 and read it yourself. If you have questions, call Tim
Feldner, 406.444.4039.
Although it's going to be some work and money, I feel confident I can
keep my wolf dogs legal. Bill was a wreck and not able to sleep because he
knew I'd leave the state like I threatened rather than give up Flow and
Kodiak. Please pass this on to any other folks in MT who you think need to see
this. None of these laws seem to get publicized and I wouldn't want some
innocent wolf dog taken from his home because his owner didn't know about this.


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I am very concerned about this. I share my life with three wd's...I have heard nothing of this at all!