Pug Sitter Needed in San Francisco


Fraggle Face- Muppet Pants
Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 12:38pm PST 
I’m looking for a pug lover to watch my 6-month-old pug, Henry on weekdays. Henry is a low-maintenance, well-behaved (trained), very playful (medium energy) pug. He likes to play, then sleep, then play some more. He loves being around other dogs and people. The ideal person would have another pug or small dog who loves to play. I’m going back to work so I can’t be at home with him during the day anymore and I’m afraid he’d be overwhelmed at doggie daycare since he’s so young and not super high energy. I’m willing to pay for these services of course so if you’re interested or know someone who is, please let me know!

I’d also be interested in a good dog walker who does walks of 2 hours or more. Thanks so much!