Bandits Photo Contest


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Barked: Fri Feb 13, '09 7:54pm PST 
Hi, I (Bandit the Border collie) am entered in a photo contest with the humane society to raise money to get cats and dogs spayed and neutered. Please help with a vote of $5 or more. Thanks! Bandit! viewInd&id=5496&contestId=1
Annie Bell

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Barked: Wed Mar 11, '09 6:06pm PST 
Yah ,

Thats a grreat idea Bandit , just so ya know I'm a fellow Border Collie but I was from a larger litter and had the least black frown But I'm still a pure bred Border Collie way to go And one more thing would any of the group members maybe like to join Ella and I's group "Peace for Pups" ? dog

Well Thanks applause

-Annie wave
Checkers lost

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Barked: Sat Mar 14, '09 10:44am PST 
good idea, can you join my group Puppies Rule?