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Lucy, Pretty- Lil' Angel

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Barked: Wed Feb 11, '09 8:18pm PST 
Please use this Group Forum Thread for general discussion about the product and to provide feedback and suggestions.
Tinker Bell- Forever

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Barked: Sat Mar 14, '09 6:23pm PST 
Have you been able to access your dogster page through the link on your together tag page? My link doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure why. My little sister's link isn't working either. shrug
Minster Jr.

Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 11:19am PST 
I don't have a link on there to link to my Dogster page..thinking

Tinker Bell- Forever

I love cookies!
Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 9:20pm PST 
I sent an email to Together Tag support, and they fixed it for me!

If you go to your Together Tag profile page, where you input all your information, there is an option to enter your dogster id# to create a link to your dogster page. Mine initially didn't work, but now the link to my dogster page works just fine. My sister's link works perfectly, too.

way to go
Minster Jr.

Barked: Tue Mar 17, '09 6:35am PST 
Thanks my linked linked me to my profile..
Tinker Bell- Forever

I love cookies!
Barked: Tue Mar 17, '09 11:34pm PST 
way to goGreat Minster Jr.! Glad your link worked!
Minster Jr.

Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 4:12pm PST 
Ok me was not reading right now me has it I was putting in the whole url not the ID number...naughty
Thibodeaux- "T-Beaux"

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Barked: Sat Mar 28, '09 11:26am PST 
Just ordered T-Beaux's Tag. I get him in two weeks, since it takes three weeks to get here I decided to do it now. Very easy to do!

Barked: Wed May 13, '15 5:00pm PST 
Where did the together tag go?? I wanted to update my address and phone number and maybe get a new tag and it seem the together tag program is gone

Throw the ball! - Wheres the- water!
Barked: Thu Jul 16, '15 8:35am PST 
What happened to the Together Tag program???
I can't find the main web page for it. It states "OOPS" or warning of an unsecure site. Please advise if this program is no longer in use. I would hate to losse my dog and find out that the tag is useless.