Truth or Dare game

Bessie Best

Arf Arf and- Away!!!
Barked: Wed Feb 4, '09 2:25am PST 
Let's play truth or dare! Pup Pals, list your names below if you want to join, and follow the order of things you will do to play truth or dare.

Your name:
The name of the pup you want to truth or dare:
Type here if you want him/her to tell the truth or give them a dare:

okay that's it, easy isn't it?
Oh I forgot, you have to either paw mail or to IM them to give them your challenge.

After that, return to your response on this thread, then if you asked them the truth, write on your post what you have learned; if you dared him/her, write what you have dared them and did he/she did it.

**another thing**
Keep in mind that if you dared him/her like physically, you could get tricked, like hopping on one leg, well, anyone can do that just by waiting a few seconds then typing "I've done it" That's another rule, NO CHEATING be honest.
Bessie Best

Arf Arf and- Away!!!
Barked: Wed Feb 4, '09 2:28am PST 
me first me first!

Bessie Best
Lil Miss Mya

okay Lil Miss Mya, a.k.a. football lover your truth will be sent to you!