Does anyone have a problem with dog on dog agression?


Barked: Tue Feb 3, '09 10:26am PST 
I have a brother and sister who used to like other dogs until they stayed a dog daycare for 4 hours. Now my female is afraid of even a 10 pound dog and my male lunges and yells at any dog that is within eyesite of his sister. If Bubba is out without Sammy girl he is fine with other dogs, a little bit unsure at first, but he warms up. If Sammy-girl is around he acts like he wants to eat all of the other dogs. We are currently in a begginer training class, (even though they know all of the commands) just to get them used to the idea that other dogs are not going to hurt them. Anyone have any suggestions?

AKA Baby Face
Barked: Sun Mar 29, '09 3:09pm PST 
Awww, sorry to hear that.
It is crucial between 6-10 months for socialization.
They become more aware of things.
Dog parks and daycare are not good ways to learn.
Let me know if I can help