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I live right here in Washington. Just a few miles from both the raid

The thing is that this was a family organization! A mother and 2
daughters. The Sundberg Kennel and Wags and Wiggles {licensed kennel}
Oned by Marjorie and Richard Sundberg and her 2 daughters is associated
with the puppy mill that was raided.. This woman lives in a MANSION!!!
Beautifull place where she would bring the puppies, from the puppy
mills and sell to unknowing people that only saw her beautifull
mansionm as where the puppy was born. And of course sells them to pet
stores! Another reason why people must INSIST on seeing the parents and
not taking any excuse as to why they cannot. Her mother owns the kennel
up north where the second raid took place. The first raid only took 150
of the dogs but then later, The Sheriff's Office was granted a second
search warrant because some of the original seized dogs tested positive
for coccidia — an intestinal parasite transmitted through feces that
can be deadly if not treated,

Thank God for SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time) as they were called in
to help with the raid. Theye are a wonderfull non profit group here.If
you are interested in being a foster parent for a dog please call
S.P.O.T. at 360-336-5388. This is a message phone so leave your name
and contact information and someone will get back to you. With the cost
of veterinary care, medication, grooming and dog food, rescuers
estimate it will cost $20 per day to take care of each animal.
"It will break us unless we get help from the public," said Joan Crane,
co-founder of S.P.O.T. Anyone who wants to make an online donation to
help pay for the dogs' care may donate to the KOMO Problem Solvers

The group I belong to here,
has gone to the vet clinic that is helping to take care of the dogs
(Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic 896 North Burlington Boulevard is
helping the rescued dogs. They can be reached at phone: 360-757-3722 or
e-mail: info@...) and offered our services and many of us
have offered to adopt or foster. 64 of the dogs moved over to N.O.A.H.
shelter.. the rest have been moved to a private boarding facility in
Skagit County.... These dogs will be tied up in the court system for
weeks, if not months... then they will need foster homes.... It could
be months they tell us. Most of the animals are pregnant and due to
give birth to roughly 1,500 puppies.

I also went to the Everett Animal shelter where all the dogs from the
first raid where 155 dogs and several other animals went. It was crazy!
There were so many people that jumped up to help that they had to set
up a table and booth OUTSIDE the shelter on a day that they were closed
to talk to people about the raid and about adopting one of the dogs,
which again could be months. They had over 500 people offer these dogs
homes which is awesome! But I just have to wonder if they will all
still be there when all the legal stuff has come and gone. Anyone
wishing to donate dog food or money for medical expenses to the Everett
Animal Shelter's nonprofit agency, ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), may
do so by calling 425-257-6000

All these organizations need $ to help these dogs right now! They need
money to help pay for all the vet work that needs to be done. They need
to buy the same food that they were eating so they dont get even more
sick from changing their diet too fast. They need puppy pads and dog
bowls, toys, blankets, bedding. _PLEASE contact any of these
organizations and donate if you can. It is the only way to help at this
time The county is only accepting authorized volunteers to take care of
the dogs because they still are policial and I understand as I hope
they lock this damn family who did this to these dogs to support their
mansion lifestyle, up for good!!

A URL to help donate............
ID=1528&MID= 27250021602801&PID=Donation

just in...........
The Skagit County prosecuting attorney likely will file an injunction
this week to shut down a Little Mountain dog-breeding operation where
sheriff's deputies seized more than 400 dogs last week.
The Skagit County commissioners voted this morning to take code
enforcement action against the kennel, owned by Marjorie and Richard
Sundberg. The Sundbergs do not have a permit to operate a kennel in
Skagit County.
The injunction, if approved by a judge, would prevent the Sundbergs
from taking in more dogs to breed and may prevent them from regaining
possession of the 443 seized dogs, Prosecutor Rich Weyrich said.

here are some url's about the raids

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