Need to retrain during recuperation - help!

Truman (In- Memory)

No - really - I AM a lapdog!
Barked: Sun Jan 18, '09 12:50pm PST 
Hello there - I'm Truman, the newbie with Wobblers. Mom and Dad took me to the University of Tennessee and the next thing I know I've had a big surgery on my neck and they think I'm going to be fine. What Mom is worrying about is my new habit of trolling the kitchen counters for food. I picked it up after Dad decided that I would have a good life if it was only going to be a few months longer for me. He snuck me treats on the sly and now I know where they come from!! The magic counter! Just in the day that I've been home from the hospital my behavior in the kitchen has been - what is Mom calling it? - atrocious! Sounds cool to me. anyway, now what are they supposed to do while I'm on very limited movement, no walks, no play, no more collars on the neck and I fall over really easy? Any ideas out there for behavior work during recuperation over the next 8 weeks?

Any ideas out there? Thanks!shrug
Mambo King

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Barked: Thu Feb 5, '09 6:04pm PST 
Hi Truman, I hope your surgery was successful and you are recuperating well!! Sorry I cannot offer advice on retraining, especially since I am not fully trained yet myself but I do hope you have a speedy recovery!!