Now we need to retrain while recuperating!

Truman (In- Memory)

No - really - I AM a lapdog!
Barked: Sun Jan 18, '09 12:48pm PST 
Hello there - I'm Truman, the newbie with Wobblers. Mom and Dad took me to the University of Tennessee and the next thing I know I've had a big surgery on my neck and they think I'm going to be fine. What Mom is worrying about is my new habit of trolling the kitchen counters for food. I picked it up after Dad decided that I would have a good life if it was only going to be a few months longer for me. He snuck me treats on the sly and now I know where they come from!! The magic counter! Just in the day that I've been home from the hospital my behavior in the kitchen has been - what is Mom calling it? - atrocious! Sounds cool to me. anyway, now what are they supposed to do while I'm on very limited movement, no walks, no play, no more collars on the neck and I fall over really easy? Any ideas out there for behavior work during recuperation over the next 8 weeks? shrug
Any ideas out there? Thanks!

Make me
Barked: Sun Jan 25, '09 12:37am PST 
Is your mom looking to retrain you to stay away from the kitchen counter? Or is your question about the no collar? The dog we know with Wobblers uses a special harness that doesn't put any pressure on the neck.
Samuel Adams

Barked: Mon Mar 2, '09 8:53am PST 
Mom and Dad thought I had wobblers not too long ago, turned out to be a ruptured disc in my neck though. Anyway, they have since switched me to a Sporn harness. The leash clips to the back instead of the front, and it has Sherpa sleeves over the part that goes under the legs, so it's soft. Plus the front has thing bunjee netting stuff (that's the technical term for it...) that stops me from pulling, and honestly, better than my head collar did! And the way it goes on is really easy so I'm not moving around a lot, or having to have things pulled over one way then stepping through another. It's really easy on and off. The only thing that mom doesn't like is that it's a little harder to direct me places, like when i try to walk behind her (actually through her) there isn't quite as much control. But I don't pull and it's no pressure on my neck so she reccommends it! and you can get them at Petsmart, and i'm sure petco probably has them as well but not 100 % sure on that one.