Just a Few Questions


I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Sun Jan 18, '09 12:07pm PST 
Hello! My name is Jet and I joined this group a few days ago. First of all, I just wanted to say that I think it was a cool idea to make a group for giving out doggie recipes! Neat! way to go

I also would like to know where you get some of the recipes. I mean, if it's supposed to be a secret, that's fine, but I just wanted to know.

If there are any books or websites (with recipes) that you guys and grrs know of, that would be grrrreat too!

Thanks for letting me join!

Lots of Licks,

Jetblue dog

Spin in circles- til yur dizzy!
Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 3:18pm PST 
No sites just makes it & eats it...the vet has approved everything so far but gots to tell you most of the sites do includes stuff on youse bad list

I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Tue Feb 17, '09 5:05pm PST 

I also give complete credit of the bad food list to the organization listed at the very bottom.happy dance