Beware of Rawhides - Can Cause Stomach Problems


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Barked: Fri Jan 16, '09 1:57pm PST 
Hey! I just wanted to send out a warning about giving rawhides to your TFT, or any small dog for that matter. Noah loves to chew, so we gave him some Dingo ball rawhides. Well, apparently he had to much, and it made him VERY sick. Lots of throwing up and diarrhea. We ended up having to take him to the vet to get Q2 fluids and antibiotics.

The vet told us that small dogs can easily get an imbalance of good bacteria in their stomachs from rawhides.

Just wanted to let you know! Noah can still have a rawhide on occasion, but we always make sure he has something good in his stomach first.
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Barked: Wed Jan 21, '09 8:40am PST 
When we were really into chewing our Mom would give us either Nylabones or cow's hooves because we were not able to swallow any of that. Our Mom had read in some dog books and was told by her vet that small dogs shouldn't have rawhide because if ingested it could cause a blockage in our tiny little intestines.

Hope you're doing OK now!

Victoria and Peanut