New to the Bunch


Prince the- Pampered Pup
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 8:34pm PST 
My name is Prince and I have a sister named Katie Bella. We are both Beagles. We have another brother, too. He is not a beagle, so sorry Dudley! But he is a cool dog too. I am the leader of the pack, but sometimes Katie tries to push her way in. I wont have it. Katie likes to kanoodle with me. She sneaks in my bed at night and cuddles with me. I think she loves me, but lately, she has been doing it a lot. My mom says she is a healing dog, so maybe she is trying to help me recover from my recent surgery. I had a tumor in my eye and had to have my eye removed on New Years Eve. I think it hurt my parents more than me. I cant see well, but I am making my way around pretty good, as long as my mom doesn't move the furniture, I should do just fine. I had a bad headache before the surgery, so now I am feeling much better and have a lot more energy for sniffing and walking. I like going for boat rides, but I have to wait for summer. The good part is that my mom and dad feel sorry for me, so I get more yum yums than usual. I am still pretty darn cute, for a teenager, even with my eye all stitched up! I will be turning 16 in March. Would love to meet more Beagles, cuz, well, we all know, Beagles Rule!
Love, Prince
PS here is my page on Dogster:
From there you can meet my sister Katie Bella and my brother the terrier mix, Dudley.

old doo
Barked: Tue Jan 13, '09 3:07pm PST 
Well i would like to say welcome, I am new to the Bunch as well and i hope to meet lots of new friends

Prince the- Pampered Pup
Barked: Sun Jan 18, '09 1:24pm PST 
Hi Shiloh, Welcome! We are new at this and not sure how it all works, but we did check out your profile and you are a very handsome pup. Woof! We left you a bone. We dont have any of the fancy stuff, like rosettes, etc. I know you dont like kids but you have to give them a chance. We love (most) kids, they play with us, but we dont like when they pull our tail or bug us when we want to sleep. We dont have any kids that live with us, but we have visiting rug rats every now and then. And the neighborhood kids, of course. But we know what you mean. We are used to peace and quiet, but the kids sure bring action when they come, and they LOVE us!