Where can we find Irish Wolfhound


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My husband and I have been trying to adopt an Irish Wolfhound for about 2 years. We live in NJ, and there aren't any local breeders here. We've contacted the IW Association of the Garden State and they helped us track down a puppy. But, the adoption never went through. The breeder had promised the puppy to us and someone else. Does anyone know of any breeders (NY,NJ, PA especially) we can contact?
Thankyou so much!!

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Well you could probably look for some Irish Wolfhounds up for adoption here on dogster and some might be in the location you want

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You need to go to shows and talk to folks who are showing Irish Wolfhounds. Let them get to know you and that your are serious about the breed and understand the extra responsibilities in getting a dog this large.

It's not a purchase. It's a dance. You getting to know them and them getting to know you. Then it's an adoption.... and getting a kid can be easier. Stick with it. You've got to outlast the vetting process before you can learn to outlast a woolfie puppy.

Wolfhound breeders really use social pressure to keep other IW owners from breading much. Most breading is carefully done and litter size is guessed at and in the best of all worlds, the litter is completely spoken for before birth. (Yea, real world doesn't work like that all the time... but folks try.)

Also look at the rescue trusts. You'll get an older dog. .. but then again the destruction of a puppy isn't always the best way to start w/ the beasties.


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we finally got our wolfhound!
we picked him up last weekend from a breeder in maine. (we live in new jersey) what happened was, we were on "the list" through a breeder who promised us a male. unfortunately, there were some problems during delivery and only females survived. that breeder recommended us to another who sent us to another... long story short...we ended up with a breeder who had an 8 week old boy ready to go! we picked up murphy last saturday and couldn't be happier. he's about 30 pounds, black with a white patch on his chest, toes and tip of his tail. most importantly, he gets along great with our mini schnauzer.

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cheercheer Congrats on the new member of your family!

The pups are so much fun. They're so big, you expect they will have more not less coordination. It can get quite amusing. laugh out loud

One word of advice, start light training imediately so in a couple of months you don't end up with 90lbs of lighting in destructo mode.