Question on Collie Ears


Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 9:52pm PST 
Hi all. I have a four month old Collie and her parents both have naturally tipped ears. I don't care either way if they stand or tip but they seem to be tipping rather well. So yesterday, I took pics and her ears looked a bit oversized for her little head, unsurprisingly.

Today, her left one fell. I'm sure it's normal but it was just kind of...odd. I have pics of the situation on my page. I was just curious if this meant anything as to how her ears will turn out.

Thanks for your input!way to go

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Barked: Tue Jan 13, '09 5:09pm PST 
I'm no expert on collies, but when I got Amber (from our local shelter) her ears were tipped, but I believe whoever had her had manipulated her ears that way with glue. She has a slight mark inside her ears where they were bent and glued. I understand they do this with collies, shelties and some of the terrier breeds like Airedales. After we had Amber for a few weeks her ears popped straight up and that's the way we left them. There are puppy pictures of Amber on her second page. I know the official look for Collies is the tulip ears, but I love the look of the straight line angle from the tip of her ears to the tip of her nose.

Sorry, I haven't answered your question but maybe you can get an answer from the breeders. Daciana is a cutie!

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Barked: Mon Jan 19, '09 10:30pm PST 
My ears have always been up since a few months, but a friend of mine had two tipped ears as a pup and one day one just seemed to drop lower than the other and it never changed back. He was a mix though, so I don't know if this helps. puppy