Dog is womans- best friend.
Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 2:39am PST 
My squeek went for her first shots the other day. I'm not counting her
puppy shots but her first adult shots. Every dog I've ever had has
always done well. Like nothing ever happened to them. Nop biggie at all.

Squeek did yelp a little but what really bothered me was right after,
say 5 seconds after he was done giving them, she started yelping and
walking around like her one side was paralyzed! Completely freaked me
out! I thought my insides were going to melt at my poor baby's pain.
Only lasted about 30 seconds but was horrible! The whole rest of the
day she was not her usual playfull self. Just slept.

The vet said this was noprmal in some dogs, specially the small breeds
(I've never had a small breed before). That sometimes there is
a "delayed" reaction. Ive never heard of such a thing. Has anyone else
experianced this?

HE only gave her 3 and waited to do the other 3 till later so it
wouldn't be too hard on her. Now I am DREADING getting the other three
which are coming up in a couple weeks.

This is just horrible and I've never had to deal with this before. Any