Grand Lux stop to Vermont

♥- Mattie- ♥

I'm the- princess,got to- love me!
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 8:42pm PST 
Anyone from this state,tell us what your state has to offer,be,your state's tour guide..... and check for departure date to your state...
♥- Mattie- ♥

I'm the- princess,got to- love me!
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 12:12pm PST 
I am not from Vermont, I just have to say,one of the best times I had,it seems so long ago,frown,was in this wonderfur town in Vermont,Bennington; it is a small town,but such a great town....I remember where we stayed and me and Thumper ran and played and jumped into the pond......frown

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Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 2:46pm PST 
I missed this trip,please let me know where and when we go again.

Captain- Thumper

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Barked: Mon Feb 23, '09 12:13am PST 
We have yet no taken this trip...we want any from this state to post about their home state so we may choose a lucky co-conductor and also a tour guide when we do tour this grand state... that is the theme of the Grand Lux..that everyone post about their state...