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Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 6:35am PST 
My name is Pattye, and im the directoe of East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue. We currently have 14 Bloodhounds here in the program, and seem to get more abused guys everyday. Our rescue is also in a contest trying to win money for our program, so we need all you bloodhound lovers votes. It would help tremendiously if everyone would go to the link, and vote. Its very quick and simple

Gracie Lou- Freebush

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 3:47pm PST 
I just voted for you, what a wonderful group you have. I love my girl and can't believe that she was sent to animal control b/c of a divorce. But their loss is my gain! Also I just found an abandoned bloodhound/terrier mix - do you have any contacts in the Georgia area that may be able to foster/help find a home? He's a sweet puppy and our animal control here is awful.

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