Piglet has Hemolytic Anemia

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Pebbles(Our- New Angel)

Barked: Fri Feb 6, '09 10:21am PST 
Keeping our paws crossed here. Our Pebbles did well with her disease and was doing good. She did have a battle at the beginning. Sadly we lost her to Cancer and not this disease.
Precious - 5/28/98 - 8/7/14

precious=the dog- aggessor
Barked: Thu Mar 26, '09 6:34pm PST 
Piglet, I'm soooo glad that you are feeling better. This illness is nothing to mess with to say the least. I almost die from it. But with the love of my mommy & daddy and my pals here in this group & on dogster I pull though. If you ever need a furiend just look me up.

Sweet Monty

ok, put me down- & let's Play!
Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 10:39am PST 
Hi Piglet,

Our prayers are with you and your family for a speedy recovery.
I was diagnosed with IMHA the 29th of Jan. and have been on steroids since that time. I'm being weaned off of them and go back for a blood test the end of this month. In my case my mom noticed I was not my playful, happy self, for a couple of days so she took me to my vet. and a blood test was done; then we had to wait overnight for the results, sure enough I had it. So I went in that morning and my vet. put me on preds. right away and told my mom he was very happy I was brought in because this is such a serious illness. So far I have reacted well to the pred. and my family prays that when I don't have to take it anymore I'll be ok. I know my mom and dad are very worried about me because they watch me very carefully all the time. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're progressing.

Wags and Wiggles,


Sweet Monty

ok, put me down- & let's Play!
Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 10:53am PST 
I tried to respond but something went wrong... I think I hit the wrong key. You can go the the Purple Girls of Oregon page for info. and links about IMHA. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Piglet for a total recovery.

Sweet Monty

ok, put me down- & let's Play!
Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 10:59am PST 
You can also go to the Happy Babies group for more links.

Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 8:30am PST 
Hello allwave

blue dogsnoopyhappy dance Good news here!!! I just went for my annual check up 2 weeks ago and all is well. My PCV count is back up to 38 which is almost perfect. I was weened off Predisone to a half a pill every other day an the vet said I can get off completly which is a relief for my mommy who thinks im always so hungry when Im on it. The only thing that the vet said was there not gonna vacinate me anymore because they dont want any chances of my IHMA flaring back up so...I think I can live with no needles...snoopy So Monty and all you other pups keep your paws up and your tails a wagging cause if its turning around for me it's sure to turn around for you guys.. Wet Kisses and high fives to you guys thanks for all your support

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Petunia- Grace

Got treats?
Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 6:26pm PST 
happy danceYay, Piglet! That's fabulous news!happy dance
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