Piglet has Hemolytic Anemia

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Barked: Sat Dec 27, '08 11:30am PST 
Hello all,

I dont know if anyone has any experience with this type of situation but it is a scary one. About 2 days ago Piglet started acting diffrent not a big change but wednessday she was laying around not wanting to do much she seemed depressed. On Christmas she became deyhdrated and would not eat, since all vets were closed my fiance was able to get fluids for her because he works part time at the vet. He brought her into the vet first thing Friday morning, she was wobley and fell down a few steps going outside. After a few test she was diagnosed with anemia her PCV red blood cell count was at 10 which is very low. They gave her some steriods and fluids to try and boost her cell count up. They said she is going to need a blood transfusion Sat. if her levels do not improve. We took her home and monitored her over night. There was no change in her behavior she still would not eat, and she could barely stand up, I had to carry her outside to use the bathroom and help steady her while she went. Were waiting to here results from tests this morning at vet, but this is a scary thing, they say chances with anemia are only 40%. Im scared..has anyone experienced this?
Cherokee- Forever- Loved Cherry

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Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 8:52am PST 
Hi Piglet. How are you doing today?

What have they tested you for?

Sorry you have this horrible disease, but hoping you fall into the 40%. Crossing paws and here for you!!

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Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 8:55am PST 
I have my paws crossed for you too!hughughug

Maddy ("In Loving Memory")

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Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 3:18pm PST 
Piglet, please let us know how you are doing! (((HUGS)))

Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 4:56am PST 
snoopy As of sat. its confirmed. I do have Hemolytic anemia. My levels were orginally down to 8% but have jumped to 12% as of sat. Im feeling a little bit better. I can walk, and eat for a short period of time but before I couldnt do any of this. Thank you guys all for your support. I really needed it. The vet said they gonna re-test me on Friday and not before because my count is still low an they dont wanna keep taking blood. But things seem to be looking better. Please keep your fingers crossed for me an I will let you guys know of any changes..

hugs and wet nosies.
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Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 7:14pm PST 
It's great that the count is going up!!

I know it took me until I was closer to 20 to start acting more like myself.

Hang in there and RBC go up!!!

Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 6:29am PST 
Things are looking good!!
As of last Friday my levels were up to 33% which is great news for me!! snoopy
My mommy and daddy are super excited that everything seems to be working out. I feel better as well. Im eating more and Im slowly gainig my weight back.
Thank you everyone for all your support. I could not have made it through with out it..

happy dancehappy dancehappy dance
Sam H

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Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 9:31am PST 
We have our paws crossed for you Piggy!!!!hughughughughug

I love my family
Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 9:31am PST 
YAY Piggy!hugpartypartypartyparty
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Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 4:12pm PST 
Praying for your continued progress in getting this under control. All my furmily is praying for you. Take care.
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