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I have had my dog for 4yrs now. I just recently found out what kind of breed she is which is very exciting. She is extremely intelligent and training her has been very successful. The one challenge I have is getting her to relax when other dogs come near me. She is very protective of me. When on walks and another dog is around she gets in between me and the other dog. Sometimes she is nippy if the dog doesn't get the message. Has anyone experienced this with their shepard or is this a behavioral thing? If so anyone experienced in correcting this?

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It could be leash aggression?
lots of stuff on line you can read.

http://www.paw-rescue.org/PAW/PETTIPS/DogTip_AggressionTo ApproachingDogsAndPeople.php
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Sounds to me like it is either she is protective of her human or quite possibly has some fear-based agression issues (gotta get them before they can get me...). We have had to deal with a multitude of agression issues in our household from some of our fosters and our own dog sig, who was extremely dog agressive. His issues are all fear based, but through a training program called Ruff Love and practicing NILF (nothing in life free) and most importantly a crate and rotate schedule.
i dont know how severe your dogs case is but the only way to fix it is to train train train. If he is protecting you, and most people dont realize this, its because you are his property and wants to make it known he is not going to give it up, not because he wants to keep you from harms way.
Never console a dog who is focused negatively. the second that he is about to do something you do not approve of redirect his attention to you and when he focusses on you give him lots of praise. If he wont listen calmly remove him from the situation.

i suggest you find out more about Nilf and start working right away cuz remember that you have a breed that people automatically blame and condemn if something happens. agression is serious stuff.

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If your dog is fear aggresive have his thyroid checked. I saw this suggested on an episode of "It's me or the dog" sure enough Gus had low thyroid. Now that he is supplemented he no longer is stressed by things like he used to be. Bad news is that his bark is louder.

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Thank you for all the advice. Leah is very much fear aggressive. More and more she is now starting to run away from dogs as she thinks they are all out to get her. Its very strange behavior as at one time she lived with another dog. Her case is quite unique I must say. I have done a lot of training with her but its one thing I can' quite figure out. I need to find a large group of people that we can walk with so she can see that no one will hurt her. Help her gain her confidence back. I wish there was a dog sanctuary here like Cesare has. That would be ideal for her. I will take all your advice and keep at it. Thanks Everyone!