'Tis I! Finlay-san!


You can never- have too many- girlfriends.
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 6:45pm PST 
Yes, it's true. I have returned from my mountain retreat deep within the Himalayas. I have arrived blacker, faster, more muscled, and a better poet. We must survey our lost land of Dogster- you know... get our bearings- and then we'll be back to explain our absence. Until then, tiny crayfish, carry on!

Yours in Samurai Awesomness,
Srinagar- Maharani- Arya Tara

What have you- done for me- lately?
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 6:47pm PST 
Hey! I'm back too! Woo Hoo!!!

Yours in... um... Salukicuteypieness,

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Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 10:34am PST 
We were about to launch a rescue party!!!!!!!!


Catch me if you- can!
Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 2:27pm PST 

That's all I have to say... just YEAH!
Petunia- Grace

Got treats?
Barked: Mon Dec 22, '08 5:09am PST 
Good to hear from you all again. Have a splendid holiday!

Surely you can't- eat that by- yourself?
Barked: Tue Dec 23, '08 5:53am PST 
You are just in time for Obama's inauguration! Won't he need a national poet or whatever the title is? You'd be perfect, Finlay...and I believe you can even apply for jobs in his administration over the Internet. Although, with that Oprah connection, Maya Angelou may have the inside track. But I still think you should apply.

And, welcome back from your trek...