Stubby tail contests


kissy girl
Barked: Sun Nov 30, '08 3:56pm PST 
Every year the dog park near our house has a stubbiest tail contest during their Christmas party. Our buddy Coston won last year but I might have him beat this year. I was just wondering if anyone else has fun little contests out where they live or hang out?

Have Food Will- Find You
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 2:36am PST 
I don't know we don't get out much. With 5 of us in the house we mostly play in the backyard.

That sounds like fun thoughlaugh out loud

Schip to your- own beat
Barked: Tue Jan 12, '10 11:08pm PST 
At a walk to raise money for shelters there were fun contests, and I was super excited when they announced longest tail, since I was assuming that shortest tail would be next (it's pretty much impossible to beat a Schipperke at shortest tail lol). They never called it! When I said to someone I was hoping there would have been a shortest tail contest they just looked at me like I was barbaric. Sheesh. Stubby tails are awesome.