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Barked: Fri Nov 28, '08 7:28pm PST 
I could not believe what I read on the two websites below.

I was so saddened. I plan share this info to everyone on my email list.

I have a friend/breeder contacting radio stations, newspapers, etc.

Share if you like and we can spread the word.

Nancy will be at the petland store on Saturday at 10:00 am
Nancy is a member of the Sacramento Cavalier King Charles Spaniel meetup.
She wrote the following....
I am sure you are aware by now that we have a new store in our
community. The store is Petland. Petland purchases dogs and
puppies from puppy mills in the Midwest. I want them to stop
selling puppies and dogs at their store. Our shelters are full
of dogs and puppies that need homes. We don't need to be the
first city in California that allows Petland to continue this

My name is Nancy, and I am trying desperately to get a large
group of people together to help shut down Petland dog sales in
Roseville, CA. We need your help. Petland sells puppies bred
in horrible conditions in Kansas and Missouri puppy mills.
Petland buys these puppies from a broker and the brokers
purchase puppies from the puppy mills. Petland does not tell
the truth to potential buys. They say the dogs have papers
from ARC, not AKC. Please look at the following Humane Society
link that details the investigation done on Petland.


We are a start up group. We protested last weekend and we do have some signs made up. We are making more. Our group is quite motivated and we are starting to delegate. We are putting together our protest for this weekend at 10:00 am on Fairway drive. We must stay on public land, so we will be on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks. If we have enough people, we will head down to the other entrances into the complex. It looks like we will have a good group.

I am contacting Roseville police to find out the rules and regulations they want us to follow. We will follow them exactly. Park across the street in the Jo-Ann's parking lot or the Chucky Cheese parking lot as it may be considered trespassing if we park in the Petland parking lot. I will send out a bulk mail explaining what I find out from the police. They drove by last weekend and did nothing. I think Petland will expect us this weekend.

PLEASE join us in front of Petland on Saturday at 10:00 am. Bring a sign if you can. If you don't have time, I will have a couple of extras, but your own sign would be great. Go into Petland if you can on Friday. Look around and ask to see a pup. Ask to see the papers on the puppy. Ask them about the registration as ask them what ACA is (I understand this is the registration they use) bogus. Look at the general appearance of the puppies and the store and then join us on Saturday. I will go into the store on Friday also. I have not gone inside as I protested from day one and they know who I am. Hopefully, by Friday they will be busy enough to ignore me.

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