Buddy needs friend

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Barked: Tue Nov 25, '08 12:22pm PST 
Buddy needs some friends, he is a cutie.


Diogie- says...what?
Barked: Sun Nov 30, '08 5:41pm PST 
PPR sent cheer

Born to play
Barked: Tue Dec 2, '08 8:01pm PST 
PPR sent. Thanks, Faith wave


the sheriff
Barked: Wed Dec 3, '08 1:09pm PST 
Just to let everyone know, this Buddy has gone on to the rainbow bridge on Nov. 30. Love and prayers are needed.

Feed me!
Barked: Thu Dec 4, '08 6:19am PST 
I sent Buddy's family a note and a special "paw" gift. My mom is very sad over the family's loss.

Barked: Sat Dec 6, '08 11:02am PST 
Hi, This is Lady Pup! Just wanted to say Hello to the Group! Please check out my page! It was just redone for the Holiday with New Videos of Lady Too! Lady would love some new Pup Pals! Thank you & Happy Holidays!
BeeJay,- C.G.C.

Heart of a Lion- in body of a- Squirrel!
Barked: Sat Dec 13, '08 2:28pm PST 
Hi Buddy,

We would love to be your friends. Merry Christmas

BeeJay and Heididog
☼Annie- ☼

Tricks bring me,- Mama, and all- else joy!
Barked: Wed Jan 14, '09 10:08am PST 
I'm new. Could I have some pals too?

Puggle Loves!
Annie puppy

pretty black boy
Barked: Sat Jan 24, '09 1:34pm PST 
hello there. rosco and tobi will like to be your friendsblue dog
Tiger Sonic Agamemnon Shelton

This is a job- for Tinyman!
Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 6:52pm PST 
PPR sent
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