What breed are you?

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Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 7:10pm PST 
What are you mixed with (besides beagle)? My owners think I'm a beagle/collie cross. I was rescued from the pound as a pup so they don't know my exact breed. I was in a cage with a pomeranian puppy and a black and white mutt. Most of the dogs in the pound where black and white mutts. they looked exactly alike only different ages. They must have been a family. The pound guy told my owners that the pomeranian would be small, I would be medium sized, and the black and white mutt would be large. Well.... what breed are you mixed with?

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Barked: Fri Dec 26, '08 7:57pm PST 
Hi there, great to finally hear from someone. I see you wrote a while ago, I'm just learning to work this networking site. I am a full breaded Beagle. Born in Bayou Oaks Louisana. My home was destroyed in huricane Katrina when I was 9 weeks old, then I moved to sunny california.

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Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 7:51pm PST 
Hi, nice to meet you! I rarley get on here so I may be responding long after you. Anyway, I'm a pure Beagle, but love all beagles and mixes. Pretty much all that don't dislike me. Those little guys are usually mean. Congrats on being resucued, sounds like you landed some sweet guardians!

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Barked: Thu May 7, '09 8:42am PST 
snoopyI'm a Beagle/GSD mix. My human thinks I got all the best traits of both breeds.snoopy
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Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 3:31pm PST 
Hiiiiiiii! I'm mixed with Border Collie. My doggie mommy was Border Collie, and my human mommy thinks my dad was Beagle. With a little bit of Husky. My bro, Smoky is the same as me! My Mommy didn't know she was getting a puppy when she got to the breeder's house, so it was a surprise. She couldn't seperate me and Smoky, so we both got taken home. happy dance I'm happy, because they were about to only take Smoky!!! I have a group that's for Beagle mixes too! Lemme know if you're interested...
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Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 3:32pm PST 
waveI'm part Border Collie and part Beagle. Mostly Border Collie my mommy tells me though. I am shedding while Brudder is not, and I do agility and stuff! VERY FUN! I have longer hair too.
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Barked: Tue Aug 4, '09 1:39pm PST 
I am a Lab/ beagle mix. at least that's what my family thinks. they adopted me from NSAL and they said I was a lab/ Australlian cattle dog but I look nothing like one.