Roll Call


Food, Food, I- want Food
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 10:58am PST 
Your name, your ratties name, your pups age, and your state.
I'd like to get to know all the others out there

Food, Food, I- want Food
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 11:00am PST 
My name is Jaime, my rattie is Penny, she is 8 months old and we are in cold/windy Minnesota.
Penny says brrrrrrrr my feet get so cold!

kiss,s and hugs- to my pals
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 11:07pm PST 
my name is nancy,my ratties name is belle and she is 17 weeks old and we live in mississippi ,acouple of miles from the louisiana border.,i also have two chis / fur brother bandit age 9 and fur sis sable renee age 9 and a brother catster named shasta age 1.


Barked: Fri Nov 28, '08 3:11pm PST 
I am also a new Mommy!! Congratulations!

My name is Amy, Bullet is my rattie's name, and we travel between Washington, D.C. and Lubbock, TX. Washington is where I am from, Lubbock is where I go to school =)

I'm the Princess
Barked: Wed Dec 17, '08 12:20pm PST 
My name is Anita and I have Bronson and Pepper. Bronson is 7 yrs old and Pepper is 2 yrs old. At the moment we live in Pa, but the hubby and I are being stationed in Corpus Christi come February.
Sadie Mae

They call me- Butt-Jumper!
Barked: Mon Dec 22, '08 6:20pm PST 
Howdy! My name is Sadie Mae, I live in cold South Dakota with my lil sister Maddie ( Black Lab) my momma Candy and my daddy Adam. I am 2 years old, born and raised in Iowa and moved to South Dakota about a year ago!snoopy

Mama's Boy!
Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 6:14pm PST 
My name is Tessa, and my rattie boy is Zeke. He's nine months old. We live in Western New York (Chautauqua County.)
~RIP~- Precious- Princess

Precious- Princess Pereira
Barked: Thu May 28, '09 8:15am PST 
Hi I'm Lisa & my little rattie girl is "Precious" - & she lives up to her name completely. We are in John Day, Oregon. My little girl is 5 months old & the "princess" of the house cloud 9

Miss Jealous!!
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 7:59pm PST 
My name is Mazie and I'm from Janesville WI. It is so nice to meet all of you.

Let's Play Ball!
Barked: Mon Aug 17, '09 5:59pm PST 
My name is Melissa. My rattie is Billy. We live in Richmond, Virginia. Billy is a Rat-Cha Mix. He is 2 years old and loves to play with his small tennis ball. blue dog