Christmas card shower gang swap

Roxie- ♥- Doxie

it's a roxie- doxie life
Barked: Sun Nov 23, '08 5:50pm PST 
I don't know if one has been started , but if it hasn't I'll do it.

I would need your family furbabies names (cats, dogs, etc)
your address and how you need it addressed.

a dogster ID: of at least one animal (cat or dog)

If you can get this to me say by December 1st, and I can have it out a few days after. I know that doesn't give much time, but if we wait to much longer we won't be able to do it.

Nothing- but- TROUBLE!
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 4:19am PST 
I would love to be part of this swap!!!! On my way to giving you my dog

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Tue Nov 25, '08 6:28pm PST 
I will join too! Sending you a p-mail now!dancing


Clover - The lucky one
Barked: Tue Nov 25, '08 10:03pm PST 
oh goodie -i haven't been as active as i was last year, but my favorite is the card swaps.....i'm in....cheer
Roxie- ♥- Doxie

it's a roxie- doxie life
Barked: Thu Dec 4, '08 2:52pm PST 
i'm working on this, the list will go out tonight/tomorrow morning. my modem had issues and started to dislike me. not to mention, that morning sickness that goes with pregnancy has turned to a 24/7 sicknessbig laughbig laugh

Beretta is my- name--Swimming- is my Game!
Barked: Sat Dec 6, '08 2:57pm PST 
I would love to exchange cards..what do I have to do!
Roxie- ♥- Doxie

it's a roxie- doxie life
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 9:15am PST 
so far I've received cards from Gibbon and Mia and Clover thank you
Roxie- ♥- Doxie

it's a roxie- doxie life
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 4:03pm PST 
thank you Canuck
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Peanut, Muncher- of Mallows!!
Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 3:38pm PST 
We've got the nicest cards from Canuck, Mia and family, Clover and Gibby....thanks for all the holiday wishes and the lovely pictures. Mommy was behind as usual and just sent our out Thursday. Bark at us when you get them!! Love, Peanut (and Beans, Starr and Chloe)