Do you have room for one more "designer dog?"


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Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 10:42am PST 
My mom got an email from her very good friend today. I haven't met her yet but mom says I would LOVE her! She has a huge heart and loves animals. She has 2 dogs. A few weeks ago, she went with her mom to the animal control looking for a lost cat and she saw ***Lucky*** She fell in love with Lucky and Lucky gave her "those eyes" and she set off on a mission to find Lucky a home. She couldn't take her herself as all my pup friends know; they would take us ALL if they could but some homes are already full. SO...she found a friend to take Lucky (Hooray!) the friend said it isn't working out cause Lucky isn't housebroken too well and her boyfriend is getting mad. So mom's friend is picking Lucky up tonight but she can't keep her.

If any of my pup friends live near Baltimore or anywhere between Baltimore and Scranton, my mom and her friend will do the transport. If you can spread the word too...maybe we can find a furrever home for Lucky. There's nothing better than a dogster home!!!!!!!!!!!!!