I needs a foster home for about 6 weeks while my parents are away


Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 3:49pm PST 

My parents are scheduled to be out of the country for about 6 weeks starting end of December 2008. I would hate to spend all that time at the vet's( he is a nice guy and all but you know 3 walks a day don't sound so nice when you have to do it for so long). I would be much happier with a family who I can share my days with. I just celebrated my 4th birthday with a double ice-cream treat and am healthy (I can run 4 miles with my dad). I am also enrolled in a monthly plan with my vet in Fremont CA. If you would be kind enough to open your heart and home to me (and if I like you and your family) while my parents are away, I think my parents will have a better trip . Please let my dad know if you would be interested and he can bring me over and see if things could work out.

Thank you!

-Spike (for Adi)