Favorite Local Pet Stores


Ace of Spades
Barked: Sat Nov 1, '08 4:51pm PST 
Pawtrero Hill is my fave pet store for Ace. They carry a great variety of dog food and treats. And the owner is super nice and friendly. They do need a little help beefing up toy selection but they have another store in SOMA which I am told carries a lot more selection. If you live around 94107 I recommend this store! cheer

It's All About- Me
Barked: Wed Dec 17, '08 2:49pm PST 
I really like The Village Dog in Albany on San Pablo. It's a great little store and they're very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

I'm go crazy for- people.
Barked: Mon Feb 2, '09 7:27pm PST 
My favorite store has allways been Pawtrero!

I also love their other store SouthPaw on Brannan Street in South Beach.

I hear they are about to launch a website with food delivery service.
Fantastic advise on nutrition and health for your animals.