French Bulldog Tricks and Behavior Training


Ace of Spades
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 11:11pm PST 
My Ace is perfect...of course all Frenchies are perfect wink

At 8 weeks he has learned to sit and shake. I am taking him to Sirius Dog training soon.

Here is my question...I've read that bulldogs are stubborn and hard to train. Is this true for the Frenchie? Ace is 10 weeks old and he listens and tries to learn new tricks I am encouraged to really get him into classes so he can lay down, rollover, stay and walk off leash. My ultimate dream would be for him to run and fetch a stick or a ball.

However I know that all dogs are different and I am perfectly happy if Ace does not learn those tricks. But does anyone out there have a Frenchie that can do those things? I am curious how hard it was to train your Frenchie and at what age did they really get into learning?

Thanks so much for any responses applause

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Chunky and- Proud.
Barked: Sun Dec 7, '08 1:21am PST 
Hi! A month has gone by since your post about Frenchie tricks and behavior training, but I thought I'd throw out a response based on my experience with my Frenchie. I adopted Birdie when she was somewhere between 3 and 4 years old. She had no tricks and behavior training at that time (though, of course, she was perfect!) She is not one of those 100% food motivated dogs, and I had to do some trial and error work to find the treats that would motivate her. She learned sit and shake pretty quickly! I haven't had other dogs, so I can't say "quickly" as compared to any other breeds, but her repertoire now includes sit, stay, wait, come, shake, roll, and be proud (i.e. sit and look up with her chin held up). She knows "heel," but it's been a harder one. I don't trust her off leash to stick by me. I haven't spent any time on fetch...and I've only ever seen one Frenchie who would bring back what had been tossed for it to fetch...but that means it's absolutely possible! I'm always trying to think of new things to teach her because she seems to like it and I think it's good to give her brain new material. None of the tricks happened overnight, but she's done great. Birdie didn't go to any classes--we did it together on our living room rug, and she was an adult already. I'm sure Ace can learn all kinds of things with you. It sounds like you're doing great already!

Barked: Wed May 13, '09 11:08pm PST 
My Frenchie is 6 months old and he's pretty food motivated. He is in puppy class with Mike Wombacher ( and within the first 6 weeks we taught them to sit, stay, lay down and even balance treats on their paws while laying down.

Don't get me wrong, at times I'll ask him to sit and he won't do it for the life of me.. But he seems to be a pretty quick learner.

My friend has a 2 year old Frenchie and he can fetch as well as down stay at far lengths, and he even loves soccor! He just learned to shake and can even play dead when you point a gun finger at him and say, "bang, bang!" ANYTHING is possible!